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Have your customers customize the product

Cosmobile develops Ecommerce Configurators: advanced tools that helps you build your custom offer and sell your product. 

Thanks to our Ecommerce product configurator, based on Magento platform, you can have the user configure any product, make it unique and based on his needs and tastes. 

Configure your product

Configure your product

With Magento we develop groundbreaking online ecommerce configurators, perfect for offering various products with different configurations/options. 

  • Complex, yet easy to use configurators
  • Responsive ecommerce configurators
  • Multi-step configurations with advanced options for customization of any single product. 
Make your products exclusive

Make your products exclusive

Lead your customer in the making of a tailor-made product. 

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Our product configurators perks:

Our product configurators perks:

  • Extension of Magento ecommerce platform, for a dynamic and flexible configurator
  • Total automation for catalog's flow, stocks, and new items. 
  • Responsive optimization for configuration's flow from mobile devices 
  • Support for uploading graphics for priinting 
  • Integration with company's ERP
  • Work offline too
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