Innovation, Technique, Elegance

Adobe Commerce Magento 2 Multistore, internationalization, centralized infrastructure, customized design. These are the key points developed by Cosmobile for Equiline: a reference brand for the world of horse riding.

From Paolo and Renato Marchetto's love for horses, a company founded on innovation, technique and elegance was born in Padua in 1989. Development and research of new products and technologies for horse and rider, dedicated collections to competition and leisure. A pioneering and eco-sustainable vision.
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  • Development of multiple B2B and B2C sales platforms with centralized data control
  • A single data management platform with integration to company management
  • Internationalization E-commerce, multi-language and multi-market platform
  • Optimization of company procedures
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B2C E-commerce

Implementation of the new Adobe Commerce Magento 2 Multistore platform.

  • Performance optimization of the B2C E-commerce platform
  • Total restyling of the graphics with focus on the study of the brand’s UX
  • Automation of the order management process
  • Integration with other company systems (ERP, PIM) for automated catalog management
  • Design of the new information architecture and attributes
  • SEO optimization and better indexing on search engines
  • Store Locator with all Equiline dealers in the world
  • Geolocation support for stores
  • Better shopping and browsing experience for users
  • Multi-currency price management
  • Integration with Marketing tracking and implementation of dedicated events (Google Tag Manager and Analytics)
  • Integration with advanced DEM software with Marketing Automation strategies
equiline ecommerce b2b
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B2B E-commerce

Development of a B2B E-commerce, designed for professional clients and resellers.

  • Ability to collect orders within the B2B platform from customers and resellers
  • Interface with ease of usability for agents and company
  • Possibility to place pre-orders
  • Inventory control differentiated by product type
  • Personalized price lists and discounts for each customer
  • Additional web promotional campaigns compared to management
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Centralization of all company processes.

  • All data in one place
  • Ability to centralize, manage and enrich all product information
  • Complete integration with the company management system: all management information is imported and organized within the Categora PIM
  • Multi-language management of all the information related to the product
  • Simplified use of information
  • Saving of time, resources and management costs
  • Better productivity and quality of workflows