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wondersmall cosmobile
We supported Wondersmall, the site of Erminio Monti Italian Lifestyle Bottega which has been selling luxury products and unique objects since 1926, in the transition from Magento 1 to the new version of Magento, to all intents and purposes a true complete technological refactoring.

Not only that, the luxury E-commerce, dedicated to collectors, has been developed in Magento 2 with a renewed, personalized and optimized design. Synchronization has been carried out with the Amazon and Ebay Marketplaces, the possibility of managing orders and estimates has been set online, up to the development of an optimized SEO.

wondersmall cosmobile
Order Sender Bullet List


  • Migration of the platform from Magento 1 to the new Magento 2 E-commerce version
  • Platform performance optimization
  • Enhancement of the digital proposal with a renewed and personalized design
  • Renewal of the graphic layout and User Experience
  • Synchronization of E-commerce with the Amazon and Ebay Marketplaces
  • Order management and online quotes
  • SEO optimization
wondersmall cosmobile


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E-commerce luxury multibrand

Development of a Luxury Multibrand E-commerce on Magento 2 platform (Magento 2 Open Source). Design restyling, synchronization with Amazon and Ebay Marketplaces, ability to manage online orders and quotes, SEO optimization.

For the Wondersmall company – an Italian store with a hundred-year history, which offers luxury products and unique objects for collectors such as watches, writing utensils, leather accessories for the office and the home – we have enhanced the digital proposal, starting from development of an e-commerce on Magento 2 platform.

wondersmall cosmobile
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E-commerce Advantages

  • Optimizing site performance
  • SEO optimization and better indexing on search engines
  • Integration with Marketing tracking and implementation of dedicated events (Google Tag Manager and Analytics)
  • Totally custom graphics and better usability
  • Better shopping and browsing experience for users