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Flexo24 creates digital photopolymer plates for flexographic printing. For the Venetian company, from thirty years of experience, we have developed an online configurator for E-commerce.

An advanced tool, perfect for following customer needs and creating a print project. It is possible to configure each slab, customize it by size, according to tastes and needs. The configurator integrates with an external platform for analyzing uploaded files.
flexo24 cosmobile


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Configurable Digital Plates

The first online flexo service for the creation of photopolymer clichés in 24/72 hours.
Thanks to our online configurator for E-commerce, the company can customize its products by creating an ad hoc offer, always different and always able to respond to the different requests of the customer. The user has the possibility to configure his slab and create it to measure. The service is always available, everywhere, 24 hours a day.

flexo24 cosmobile


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Advanced configuration

  • An innovative and effective sales tool
  • Ability to configure and customize products
  • Simple and immediate configurator, easy to use
  • Multi-step configuration, with advanced product customization options
  • Integration with an ad hoc service for analyzing files uploaded by the user
flexo24 cosmobile
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Process automation

  • Extension of the Magento platform for the integration of a dynamic and flexible configurator
  • Support for the sale of square footage and customized products
  • Periodic synchronization with remote server
  • Integration with Paypal and banking gateway
  • Asynchronous and automated management of pdf analysis, uploaded by the user and customer notification
  • Support for saving and restoring the product configuration session
  • Extension and customization of the reorder functionality for the configured product
  • Dynamic management of news
  • Flow integration of orders made to management software
  • Automated integration of the billing document downloadable by the customer