Our customers – Portfolio

  • Laura Pausini
  • Axalta Coating Systems LLC
  • Arena Spa
  • Agave Farmaceutici Srl
  • ICI Caldaie Spa
  • Astidental di Sabbione Spa
  • Kepro Spa
  • Centro Gamma Termosanitaria Spa
  • Valspar Corporation
  • Cela Srl
  • Aro Spa
  • PPG Univer Spa
  • Secondo Vergani Spa
  • Kontatto
  • Intermed Italia Srl
  • Coptip
  • Novalux Srl
  • App Gelato
  • Inver Spa
  • Edilteco Spa
  • Tizzano Srl
  • Fieni Srl
  • Lucifero's Srl
  • Edizioni Musicali Galletti
  • Frieds & Partners
  • Gielle Leader
  • Gruppo Ghedini Spa
  • Hiref Spa
  • Immobiliare San Pietro Srl
  • Hot Wings Srl
  • Leonardo Label
  • Pge Srl
  • Zippo Italia Srl
  • Neri Spa
  • Caemilia
  • Corazza Srl
  • Pastore e Lombardi Spa
  • Piccoli Grandi Cuori Onlus
  • Utensileria Adriatica Srl
  • Cipi Spa
  • Oluxury
  • Oltresole
  • Flexo24
  • Finmark
  • Colorificio Righi S.r.l.
  • Nomination S.r.l.
  • All for Music S.r.l.

Laura Pausini

One of the most visited Italian web sites all over the world for this international artist with more than 9 million of fans on social networks.

The project integrates the official web site, the fan club, the official merchandise web store and the mail marketing platform.

We have also developed the iLaura and Laura Pausini Official Selfie apps for iOS and Android.

  • International Official website
  • iLaura iOS and Android
  • Laura Pausini Official Fan Club: Laura4u
  • Laura Pausini International Store
  • Laura Pausini Official Selfie iOS and Android

Axalta Coating Systems LLC

Marketing and reporting platform for post-sale management. This product generates market research and analysis with advanced statistical modules, geolocation and audit management systems.

  • Axalta Bodyshop Ranking Program

Arena Spa

E-commerce on Magento infrastructure, fully customized on the information systems available in the multiple facets of the italian brand.

More than 30 international stores, customized to fulfill target markets expectations and to adapt to existing business processes.

The web portal integrates the institutional area and blogging with infrastructure dedicated to marketing and digital image.

  • E commerce B2C on Magento platform
  • Magento modules development
  • Ux design and digital infrastructure

Agave Farmaceutici Srl

Mobile platform for tablets,specially developed for pharmaceutical sales representatives network management,with activity management and statistical reporting on target medical structures and personel.

Mobile platform for contents and trade specifications sharing, integrated with company blogging for information sharing.

Mobile portfolio which manages content and information catalogs (to be shared with pharmaceutical sales representatives network) and shared multimedia content.

  • AgaveBook
  • AgaveMed

ICI Caldaie Spa

Implementation of GPRS communication platform, linking thermal power plants and software applications through a centralize routing hub with license control.

Development of innovative air conditioning plants monitoring and control system,with an advanced user-friendly GUI for plants synoptics' production and configuration.

Development of a project presentation web portal with monitoring stats available to the end users. The site allows the purchase and validation of software licenses for the project.

  • Interfacing with management hardware of thermal power plants
  • Configurator synoptic technical rooms
  • Eterm project presentation website

Astidental di Sabbione Spa

We have developed the entire mobile platform,which is fully integrated with the ERP, including the sales network management with Order Sender Enterprise and custom modules development.

ERP integrated, tablet accessible maintenance management platform development.

  • Astidental OrderSender Enterprise
  • Management technical assistance and report on tablet

Kepro Spa

Development of fully responsive website and webstore and ERP integrated B2B, B2C e-commerce platform.

Ancillary mail marketing and product management services

  • Kepro Spa
  • Kepro Max News

Centro Gamma Termosanitaria Spa

We have been managing since 2008 an automated catalog for hydro-thermo-sanitary, containing more than 120.000 references and more than 120 suppliers.

Catalog data feeds into the B2B and B2C e-commerce system and the quoting application dedicated to professionals of the field.

The whole platform operates as a single unit integrated with the ERP.

  • Centrogamma Categora
  • Listini con impaginati dinamici
  • E commerce B2B
  • Estimate maker for professionist
  • Newsletter System

Valspar Corporation

Automatic catalog Categora, which make it possible to develop a traditional catalog and to feed data into the iPad catalog app and the sales network web portal.

  • Valspar Categora
  • Catalog for tablet upgradable in iOS and Android
  • B2B catalog sales network

Cela Srl

Management system of electronic control units for special vehicles using GPRS communication protocol.

Range finder Android mobile app for the management of positioning and operativity of special vehicles.

  • Development of Internet communications protocol / GPRS
  • Android app rangefinder

Aro Spa

ERP integrated, off- and on-line working mobile quote request App for industrial label pricing

ERP integrated B2B web application for product configuration and quoting

  • Product configurators (tickets)
  • Product configurators (tickets)

PPG Univer Spa

SAP ERP integrated, mobile accessible with Order Sender Enterprise sales network management system.

  • OrderSender Enterprise iOS

Secondo Vergani Spa

Order Sender Enterprise sales force autmation mobile solution.

  • Vergani OrderSender


We have developed and we manage the company's website, the online e-commerce platform B2B and orders acquisition app, completely integrated with company's ERP.

  • Kontatto OrderSender Fashion
  • E commerce B2B
  • Web Site

Intermed Italia Srl

Dynamic web catalog integrated with the company's ERP.

ERP integrated Order Sender sales network management system.

  • OrderSender Enterprise
  • Web Site with dynamic catalog


Development of automated catalogs and editing system for the marketing folders management for large-scale retail.

Development and management of shift rotation and printing equipment maintenance.

  • Folder dedicated editorial system for the Large-scale Retail Trade
  • Work orders management software (Eplan Coptip)
  • Management maintenance printers

Novalux Srl

Integrated system with automatic catalog production for catalogs, price lists and product folders.

Development of company's website with catalog managed by our system Categora.

Product configurators development which allows to manage lighting projects with in catalog products.

Mobile App for catalog, price list and single products presentation.

  • Product configurator
  • Catalogs, Price catalogs and Publications with Categora
  • Web site with the Categora catalog management
  • Carton Light App
  • Novalist Price Catalog
  • Novabook Catalog

App Gelato

Italy's most used iOS and Android app for ice-cream shops search, allowing each shop to reach out their clients with messages and information about special offers and new items.

Project developed for Italian ice-cream makers, who, linked in one system, can interact directly with consumers and their customers.

  • App Gelato iOS
  • App Gelato Android
  • Web portal dedicated to the App

Inver Spa

Automatic catalog Categora, which makes it possible to develop a traditional catalog and to feed data into the iPad catalog app and the sales network web portal.

  • Catalogo B2B per la rete vendita aziendale
  • Categora Catalogo automatico prodotti
  • Catalogo per tablet off line aggiornabile iOS e Android

Edilteco Spa

ERP integrated sales network managment Order Sender iOS and Android Mobile App, customized on specific business processes.

  • OrderSender Enterprise Android
  • OrderSender Enterprise iOS

Tizzano Srl

Cantina dei Colli Bolognesi institutional website

  • Website with product catalogs

Fieni Srl

Company's portal with products/tools catalog.

Product configurator developed on the calculation of functions and characteristics' management of machinery, offered by the company.

  • Machine configurators
  • Web site with Machine catalog

Lucifero's Srl

Website, catalog and price list integrated system, managed by the automatic layout system Categora.

Product configurators for the design and listing of bills of materials on a web platform with complex calculation of plants on dynamic spaces.

  • Products labeling system by Categora
  • Product configurator
  • Price catalog by Categora
  • Automatic catalog management by Categora
  • Web site with dynamic catalog

Edizioni Musicali Galletti

Portal for musicians with a wide catalog of instrumental bases in different formats, scores and song previews.

SIAE bordereau management for musicians.

  • Solution for managing music downloads
  • Web site with dynamic catalog

Frieds & Partners

iLaura Mobile app for iOS and Android development

  • iLaura iOS
  • iLaura Android

Gielle Leader

Online catalog for the italian hydro-thermo-sanitary brand,for whom we develop both on line and printed product catalog. Price lists developmnet with our automatic layout system Categora.

ERP integrated system

  • Catalistini automatizzati
  • Catalogo Gielle Categora
  • Web site con catalogo dinamico

Gruppo Ghedini Spa

Portal for one of the biggest FIAT dealers in Italy,which makes it possible to manage multiple business structures and the used cars stock, shared with other dealers and linked with economy ads portals of the field.

  • Integrazione con autoscout24.
  • Gestione usato delle varie concessionarie
  • Sito aziendale

Hiref Spa

Proposed infrastructures functions management Web App.

  • Gestione dinamica webfarm

Immobiliare San Pietro Srl

ERP of each company of the real estate consortium in Bologna

Real estate pamphlets and shared informations management system for the sales force.

  • Gestionale Immobiliare multi agenzia

Hot Wings Srl

Catalog automatic layout for tour operators.

  • Catalogo automatico per tour operator

Leonardo Label

Web app generating mobile mini sites on information managed by the system of labeling.

The system provides multiple layouts for online editing and publishing. The produced web site is smartphone compliant.

  • Generatore di siti mobili

Pge Srl

Development of automatic layout software for large-scale retail pamphlets. Development of an integrated management system for printed material, posters and signboards for super markets and commercial warehouses.

  • Impagianzione folder e cataloghi per GDO

Zippo Italia Srl

Commercial network management with our mobile application Order Sender Enterprise

  • OrderSender Enterprise iOS
  • OrderSender Enterprise Android

Neri Spa

Catalog mobile app managed from a dynamic CMS. Offline work enabled.

  • Catalogo per smartphone


Consorzio Agrario di Bologna, Modena e Reggio Emilia web portal. The consortium area managers can share news and technical information with the associates.

The portal integrates a b2b e-commerce site for used agricultural machinery.

  • Portale Consorzio Agrario di BO, MO, RE
  • B2B mezzi usati

Corazza Srl

Web site catalog for the Italian leader in orthopedic insoles production.

Management of automatic price list in 5 languages in over 10 countries with differentiated price lists.

  • Catalogo prodotti in 5 lingue
  • Catalogo Prodotti in 5 lingue

Pastore e Lombardi Spa

Automatic catalog with the entire range of mechanical products for the automotive industry

Portal with catalog, managed by a single system linked to the automatic catalog

  • Catalogo prodotti in 4 lingue
  • Catalogo prodotti in 4 lingue

Piccoli Grandi Cuori Onlus

Web portal for the association for families with children with cardiac problems, operating in Cardiology and Pediatric Heart Surgery units in Policlinico Universitario S. Orsola-Malpighi in Bologna.

  • Web portal

Utensileria Adriatica Srl

Mechanical company which uses our Sales Force Automation system Order Sender Enterprise integrated with TeamSystem ERP.

  • OrderSender Enterprise iOS


The first online flexo service available round the clock to manufacture photopolymer digital plates for flexo printing. To speed up your flexo business.

Colorificio Righi S.r.l.

Colorificio Modenese is a family history of color that has been going on for six generations since 1887.
Over 35 thousand colors to give life to buildings, cars, industries, objects.

Nomination S.r.l.

All for Music S.r.l.

All for Music started as a project in 1997. A new structure was opened to support Sergio Tomassone's headquarters. In this enormous space (1200 square meters) we wanted to create first of all a place where to welcome those who make music and, a place where all the instruments are treated at 360 °.

Therefore, various sectors have been created, each managed by specialized personnel.

It ranges from the huge stage for P.A. System, to the area for Home / Professional Recording to digital pianos & keyboards, or to the central platforms with drums and percussions, to the wind vents and to the new large department of acoustic pianos and musical editions with a vast selection of sheet music and music methods classic, light, Italian and foreign.

In 2005, with the opening of the new store of Sergio Tomassone from Via Petroni to Via Pier Crescenzi 12 (sales point developed on three floors, 30 meters from All For Music), the initial project was created to create a reference point for all musicians so as to offer an increasingly complete and professional service and assortment of musical instruments.

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