How it works

  • Categora is a PRM (Product Relationship Management) connecting management data (price catalogs, codes and production data) with information about the communication and the product marketing.
  • The product is in the middle.

  • Data management

    The product is in the middle and, in order to represent it, all the digital information can be connected to it: from photos to technical description, from specification forms to presentation videos (manuals, photos, illustrative videos, specially developed multimedia components, etc).

  • The management of the entire database is the essential part for the development of automatic catalogs, but it can become a centralized informative system.
    It will be able to contain also information not linked directly to printed publications, but which can be useful for generating contents, published on web or on mobile.

  • With Categora we can manage:

    • Products catalogs
    • Technical charters
    • Technical manuals
    • Variable data printing systems
    • Price catalogs
    • Ads magazines
    • Technical documentation
    • Handbooks
    • Guide
    • Brochures
    • Promotional magazines
    • GDO Folder
    • Yearbooks
    • Promotional page layouts
    • Labels
  • Modular and integrable

    After a phase of identification and analysis of specific project requirements, the software is configured with ad hoc modules that offers necessary functionalities, according to the project and to the catalog that has to be developed.
    In many cases, we propose and implement, if necessary changing already existing tools, the correct product data management, in order to have optimal information not only for the administrative management, but above all for the consultation by the final user.
    In this way, we give to the company the possibility to consult its own database in a more simple and intuitive way also for marketing and business purposes.
    Categora can be programmed to perform synchronization process, periodical or manual, with company's internal management system.
    Moreover, it is able to communicate with different systems and platforms such as: AS400, SAP, Oracle, Navision, FileMaker and generally all the platforms that offer a data import/export system.

  • A complete management system

    Once data import process to Categora has been managed, it offers a lot of management functionalities of a single product and is able to autonomously manage the entire database.
    Moreover, it makes possible to modify visual and multimedia information that can not be managed directly from company's ERP, such as:

    • product's photos
    • accessories combination
    • extensive indications or description
    • cad components
    • multimedia components such as illustrative films
    • associated manuals
    • taglines or conditions of use
    • technical charts
    • descriptive charts
    • certifications
    • extra languages
  • This way Categora becomes the central informative system, able to be consulted and managed by different company's professionals.
    The designers will be able to access the real state of products and the accessories components dedicated to it.
    The sales agents will have access not only to data linked to costs or generic indications, but to complete information forms, containing data that are not published in the catalog (for example, information about product's release, indications about stock quantities or about packaging, indications on special discounts, ecc...).

  • Multi-channel publishing

    Once imported and managed, the project can be natively published on:

    • Catalogs
    • Price lists
    • Lists of dedicated information
    • Periodics with specific products collection
    • Promotional brochures
    • Product's forms
    • Dynamic Web sites
    • E-commerce B2B e B2C
    • Dynamic Manuals
    • Online Customer Care
    • Specific management systems with online resources
    • Multimedia applications
    • Information systems
  • Adobe InDesign the editor for creative people and designers

    Our automatic page layout systems contain Adobe InDesign, dedicated to the management and to the development of the creative part of page layouts.We use this software to provide designers with a standard tool for the desktop publishing development.
    The development of scripts and plug-ins dedicated to the collection and management of data, organized by Categora, allows people using InDesign to be completely independent by the creation of different page layouts.

  • Maximum of creative freedom

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