Data management, beyond paper

Centro Gamma Termosanitaria Spa manages a commercial catalog with over 100,000 references from 120 different suppliers and heterogeneous items with specific characteristics for each brand.

The need was to be able to manage, in a single point, all the information relating to the products. And also beeing able to generate company catalogues, update the website, manage B2B and B2C E-commerce and native Apps, all on a single integrated platform.


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Data management in a single point

  • Categora: data management from a single point: to control, from a single system, the entire product database, generating the general catalog and the Centrogamma catalogue, together with the product catalog and the Gielle catalogue.
  • Website with all the products in the catalogue
  • Portal functions for B2B users (professionals, resellers and agents): creation of estimates, digital contact with the company, printing of price lists for its customers with personalization of prices and wordings of the document
  • Portal functions for B2 users: online purchase of all 100,000 products with a web promotional price and home delivery or in-store collection
  • Web portal for Gielle: with all the products of the Gielle brand and automatic pagination system
  • Synchronization ERP aziendale: to keep prices and promotions up to date at the time of printing
  • Newsletter management system: to prepare and send marketing campaigns and communications to all customers
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Optimization of resources, times and costs

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Automatic Pagination

Centralized data management to manage the entire product database, generate the Centrogamma catalog and catalogue, the Gielle product catalog and catalogue.

  • Time saving: in the preparation and publication of the editorial catalog (before 4 people created a catalogue, now only one person is able to create 2 catalogs and update 2 portals)
  • Best service: towards professional customers, with customized online price lists
  • Facilitated work: tools that facilitate the activity for professionals in the sector
  • Visibility: greater corporate visibility on the Italian market with publication of contents on the web
  • New markets: opening up to new foreign markets, thanks to visibility on the web and better accessibility to product information
  • Consumer market: opening up to the consumer market directly from the web
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Centro Gamma
E-commerce B2B

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Portal for professional clients

The online portal contains all the products distributed by the company with specific functions for Business users (mainly resellers and agents):

  • Generate estimates for customers with costs related to the installation and customization of the module
  • Sending orders with discount tables reserved for customers
  • Orders management and restocking related to its customers

Gielle Website

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Gielle's online showcase

The thematic portal showcases Gielle branded products: a selection of high-quality items that can also be purchased on the portal. The site contains technical information with constantly updated prices and dedicated synchronization procedures. Registered users can also generate a personalized PDF price list with the prices reserved for them.

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Centro Gamma

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Centro Gamma Shop

The online portal contains all the products distributed by the company with specific functions for Consumer users. It allows online purchase of the entire range of products with a web promotional price and home delivery or in-store collection.



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Mailing List Management

The customer has an extremely advanced mailing list management system at his disposal, through which he can send marketing campaigns, DEMs, communications to customers and suppliers. The system also allows you to have detailed reports on the status of the campaigns and their effectiveness. The software is fully integrated with the corporate portal and with the data management system implemented in Categora.