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Tradizione, tra arte e oro
Unoaerre tells the long tradition of art and gold: it is the first goldsmith company born in Arezzo in 1926.
A catalog with over 2000 products distributed in more than 40 states, 4 thousand Italian outlets with a network of about 100 distributors.

Customer needs

Customer needs

  • Centralized and more effective management of the sales force
  • Speed ​​up and optimize orders collection
  • Reset the use of paper and printing costs in company communication
  • Optimize all business procedures
  • Show your products in the catalog in a captivating and persuasive way
  • Easily create custom quotes


Unoaerre selected digital choices:

  • Acquisition of Orders from tablets and Digitization of the sales network
    Unoaerre ha scelto la nostra soluzione di gestione della Rete Vendita OS Enterprise: un Software che permette di raccogliere ordini da Mobile e di gestire, in maniera veloce e ottimizzata, ogni attività di vendita da parte della rete commerciale.
  • sophisticated design digital catalogsUnoaerre has chosen our OS Enterprise Sales Network management solution: a software that allows you to collect orders from Mobile and to manage, in a fast and optimized way, every sales activity by the commercial network.
  • Complete, professional and beautiful sales proposals
    Through our Quotation Tool, a tool for the creation of quotes in an agile and automated way, the company can create personalized, elegant and professional offerings.
    A perfect tool for all commercial agents.



Order management and sales force automation

Order management and sales force automation

Order Sender Enterprise

The Sales Force Automation OS Enterprise software simplifies and optimizes the orders collection from Tablet and the management of all activities related to the sales force.
The tool also gives the possibility to configure Product Kits and the size of the rings (promise rings).

OS Enterprise pros:

  • Orders processed faster and without errors
  • Optimized commercial network management 
  • Greater control of the agent on orders in the post-sale phase
Digital catalogs, orders and purchases from Tablet

Digital catalogs, orders and purchases from Tablet


Thanks to the Digital Publishing Software, Paginae, the sales experience becomes interactive.
The catalogs are digital, impactful, browsable and embellished with multimedia content (videos, images, links, documents etc.).
Orders can be made directly from tablets and items can be purchased in a few clicks.

Paginae pros:

  • Catalogs always up to date and at hand
  • Enhanced products with engaging content
  • Opportunity to win over customers and make them live an interactive sales experience
  • Printing costs and the use of paper are eliminated
  • Multi-brand sale within the same App
Fast quotes with appeal

Fast quotes with appeal

Quotation Tool

Complete, professional and beautiful sales proposals
The Quotation Tool responds to the needs of foreign salespeople who need, for their custom products, an agile tool for creating quotes.
The company can thus create personalized, elegant and professional offerings, quickly and automatically

Quotation Tool pros:

  • Standardization of the offer proposal mode
  • Ease of use of the tool for creating quotes, even for those without technical knowledge
  • Centralization of all sales offers integrated with the management software, each sales proposal is shared and monitored by agents
  • Speed ​​in the realization of estimates and total sharing of information
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