An integrated system for the medical sector

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Our project for Intermed, which has been dealing with medical instruments and aids for almost 30 years, aims to achieve greater efficiency in every phase of the sales network management and to redesign the portal with the company catalogue.

The company also had the need to provide some professional customers the possibility of autonomously placing purchase orders, restocking and obtaining information on their commercial conditions.
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Corporate digitization

We have developed three distinct but closely integrated digital solutions:

  • Sales Network Management: OS Enterprise, a complete Sales Force Automation tool for sales agents. Easy to use, always updated, can be integrated into the company ERP. It allows you to carry out advanced order management, obtain information on customers, products, etc., manage up to 500,000 items, significantly reduce the possibility of error during the order phase and also work offline
  • B2B E-commerce: we have developed a B2B E-commerce for professional customers, fully integrated with the OS Enterprise application
  • New corporate portal with catalogue: the site we have developed is the flagship tool of the entire corporate marketing proposal. It allows you to autonomously manage all the products offered, assigning to each one information sheets, certification sheets and technical documentation. It is also possible to manage variants and correlate the various products with each other. In the portal there are also institutional areas, news, the documentation download page and a search section to find the closest commercial company reference.
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Efficiency, innovation, savings

  • 80% cost savings on order acquisition
  • 95% cost reduction on margins of error in order acquisition
  • 40% reduction of costs on information linked to the commercial proposal
  • Greater efficiency of the entire commercial network
  • Improvement in Customer Care activity
  • Increase in marketing activities related to the commercial proposal
  • Maximum integration with the Easydata management system for efficient and secure data management
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Order management for professional clients

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B2B E-commerce

The company gives some professional customers the possibility to autonomously place purchase orders by directly consulting their specific price list, make re-assortments and obtain information on their commercial conditions. It is a B2B E-commerce platform, dedicated to this specific type of user, fully integrated with the OS Enterprise application.

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Company portal with catalogue

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Product catalog just a click away

The company website presents the product catalogue, the institutional areas, the news, the documentation download page and a section for searching for the closest company commercial reference. The portal allows you to autonomously manage all the proposed articles, assigning to each one detailed information sheets, certification sheets and technical documentation. Variants can then be managed and the various products linked together.

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CRM for the sales network

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OS Enterprise

The company adopts our Sales Force Automation solution, OS Enterprise, which allows you to manage all the activities related to your sales network.

  • Orders: advanced order management, price list management, estimates and customer data, advanced discount management, always updated info
  • Catalogue: a real interactive digital catalog where you can consult customer data, order status, make and receive quotes, advanced statistics and sales audits. All products shown at their best, in detail and with a versatile layout
  • Business Travels: our tour of visits is called Business Travels and allows you to plan the calendar of appointments, manage customer info, create reports and geolocate visits.