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The B2B digital asset for fashion

For Kontatto, a Made in Italy clothing brand, it is essential to have a site that is constantly updated and constantly renewed, with the latest collections and new trends in the fashion world.

The portal is therefore periodically reviewed, always using the latest available technologies and the most advanced social features.

In addition to this, Cosmobile has responded to two specific customer needs: to equip its agents with a simple and efficient tool for sending orders and restocking requests (Order Sender Enterprise), and to set up a portal to give its professional users to shop directly from the web (ecommerce).



Integrated tools to work in synergy. Efficiency, style, innovation

We have developed three distinct solutions, closely integrated with each other: Fashion corporate website, with the collection showcase; Order Sender Enterprise; B2B e-commerce.

  • Website: Each season, the corporate portal becomes the company's showcase for showing off the new fashion collections.
    In addition to presenting the lookbook with the outfits of the current trends, the site contains the press sections, news, information on the national and international sales network, and the distribution channels.
    There is also a Social Wall dedicated to the contents published by the company on Social channels which follows a Social Media Marketing strategy with targeted actions towards Kontatto customers
  • Order Sender Enterprise: Commercial agents have always up-to-date mobile tools at their disposal, simple to use, to take anywhere, even when working offline.
    Fully integrated with the company ERP to obtain up-to-date information on customers, articles, price lists, discounts.
    Possible errors during the sending and receiving of orders are eliminated and management times and costs are reduced
  • B2B e-commerce: We have created a B2B ecommerce dedicated to customers and professional distributors, fully integrated with the management software of the Order Sender Enterprise sales network. 


Visibility. Innovation. Style.

  • Innovative and accurate corporate communication, in line with the current fashion trends, built on a glamorous and original design
  • 80% reduction of costs on the acquisition of orders
  • Greater efficiency of the entire sales network
  • Increase in turnover thanks to a strategic distribution channel, without fixed costs such as the B2B portal





Ecommerce B2B

Ecommerce B2B

The showcase walkway

A B2B ecommerce platform, dedicated to professionals in the sector (distributors, professional customers) where you can view the latest arrivals, browse the catalog between photos, innovative shoots and technical information.

All combinations of sizes and colors that each garment can present are also managed.
Fully integrated with the Order Sender Enterprise application and with the company management system.

The outifit for your customers in a preferential channel.
It is a preferential channel for distributors, companies and professionals to manage all orders. The company wanted to give these professional figures the opportunity to independently carry out purchase orders by consulting their specific price list directly, make restockings and have information on their commercial conditions.

Competenze tecnicheTechnical skills

  • Problem solving consultancy
  • Web development in Linux environment with open-source technology.
Web Site

Web Site

Fashion style, for a trendy website. Fashion parades online.

The latest technologies available in the web have married Design and User Experience, creating an innovative, glamorous site, always attentive to the latest trends.

The brand's new collections, the press area, all the latest news, are the main sections of the portal, together with the list of Kontatto official points of sale, info on distributors, resellers and agents.
You can also connect directly to the B2B ecommerce portal.

Order Sender Enterprise

Order Sender Enterprise

Turn the fashion with your sales network, efficient and updated

The company has adopted our Sales Force Automation solution, Order Sender Enterprise, which allows you to manage all the activities related to your commercial network.

It allows you to manage orders and quotes, with specific functions related to the periodic restocking of products; special attention for the fashion sector with the implementation of ad hoc solutions such as dedicated management of sizes and colors for the items ordered.

Technical skills

  • Problem solving consultancy
  • App development in native environment
  • Even offline content with optimized synchronization
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