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Organic Pioneers

EcorNaturaSì from a little shop of bio products from Treviso in 1985, has created an ambitious project, supported day by day, to become the main distribution company of natural, biologic and biodynamic products.

Inside the Group is also present BiotoBio brand, born from the partnership between Baule Volante and Fiori di Loto, historical biological world companies.
BiotoBio served realities, thank to a network of agents structured throughout the national territory, are stores specialized in biologic food, herbalists, pharmacies and Ho.Re.Ca. businesses. 

Customer needs

Customer needs

  • Optimize all business procedures
  • More efficient salse force management 
  • Speed up and optimize in mobility orders collection
  • Show their products in a digital catalog
  • Automate page layout of flyers and promotional lists


EcorNaturaSì selected digital choice:

  • Automatic page layout 
    Flyers and promotional lists creation thank to PIM Categora automatic layout manager: in this way times are optimized, costs are cut and errors are minimized.

  • Sales network digitalization, Tablet order collection
    Tablet order acquisition, simplified and optimized management for all the activities related to sales force with our Sales Force Automation Order Sender Enterprise.



Automates the layout of flyers and price lists

Automates the layout of flyers and price lists

Database Publishing

Our PIM Categora Automatic Page Layout Module automates the layout process for promotional lists and flyers creation. 

Automatic page layout pros:

  • Automate and speed up all page layout processes and management of data, infos, price, etc,
  • Save time: cut down on page layout times (-60% of time spent between automatic and manual layout);
  • Cut costs and reduce mistakes
  • Independent data management with respect to the creative and graphic development of the layout
  • All data in one place: centralized information in a single system from which to develop corporate digital communication
Order management and sales network

Order management and sales network

Order Sender Enterprise

Order Sender Enterprise optimizes and simplifies the acquisition of orders from Tablet and the management of all activities related to its commercial network.
It allows an effective and advanced management of the product catalog: over 9 thousand items present, specific discount policies, advanced packaging management and detailed product sheets.
The Sales Force Automation software can be customized according to the needs of the company.

OS Enterprise pros:

  • Automate orders collection
  • Optimize agents managements
  • Reduce order processing times and the possibility of error
  • Better sales network productivity
  • Greater effectiveness of all internal business processes
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