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For the Coltorti multibrand luxury boutique, we have developed an E-commerce that brings together the latest trends in the world of high fashion with a particular focus on the User Experience.

  • Optimize platform performance
  • Migration of the platform to the new Magento 2 Enterprise E-commerce version
  • Create new integration tools with other business systems (management, API merchand etc.)
  • Enhance the digital proposal
  • Graphic layout renewed
  • Personalization of the shopping experience

Development of a Multibrand fashion E-commerce on Magento platform (Magento 2 Enterprise)

 Multi-brand fashion e-commerce

Multi-brand fashion e-commerce

For the Marche fashion company, we enhanced the digital proposal, thanks to the development of an E-commerce that went hand in hand with physical retail, through digital technologies to support sales.
At the center of the platform is the customer and his purchasing experience.

The numbers speak for themselves: 6 boutiques, 110 brands, 2,100 shipments per week, 84,000 items purchased per season, 100 professionals, 2,000 square meters of new offices and 2,500 square meters of new warehouses to make even more space for online sales.


  • Performance optimization
  • Catalog management with over 400 thousand products
  • Integration with company management
  • SEO optimization and better indexing on search engines
  • User group management
  • Totally custom graphics
  • Better user shopping and browsing experience



 E-commerce Technical Skills

E-commerce Technical Skills

  • Catalog and customer migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2
  • Brand management
  • Creation of specific product images for stores
  • Daily catalog synchronization
  • Advanced stock synchronization with management
  • Custom order export for proprietary management
  • Management of customized discounts on the catalog
  • Advanced management of the calculation of shipping costs
  • Store-optimized purchase flow
  • Specific brand and product visibility management, by store, integrated with the management software
  • Integration of product up-selling and cross-selling services
  • Advanced product size management and brand customization -
  • Advanced geolocation support for stores
  • Custom graphics for the store
  • Management of the reference warehouse by product for purchase support in the physical store
  • Advanced wishlist management to support recurring purchases
  • Gender first navigation with memory of the user's choices to optimize the browsing experience
  • Custom categories for new products and sales with customizable backend rules and filters
  • Remaining stock display in the size selection on the product page
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