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Calliope is an italian fashion company, part of Teddy Group S.p.a, specialized in male and female fast fashion.

The brand is present in 19 countries of the world.

Customer needs

Customer needs

  • Optimized and centralized data management of every point of sale
  • Index the E-commerce platform
  • Emprove brand positioning on web
  • Valorize, in addition to E-commerce, also physical stores around the world
  • Optimize Local SEO management 
  • Achieve a better site browsing experience and a better customer journey


For Calliope we have developed a native integrated Store Locator module in the Local CMS software and Magento 2 Enterprise (Magento Commerce): an external sotware that centralize shops data and optimize Local SEO management.



Store Locator

Store Locator

Developement of the Local CMS official connector with Magento 2 Commerce (Enterprise Edition): a perfect tool for a omnichannel digital strategy and for helping web positioning management of brands and companies that have, in addition to E-commerce, many phyisical stores, and want to valorize them.


  • Centralization of data for all Calliope stores
  • E-commerce content management
  • Better search engine indexing
  • Better shopping experience and user browsing 
  • Ability to set different views of the same tool for individual Magento stores
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