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Supplies for dentists, dental technicians and odontologist

Innovate, evolve, compete and win:
these are the keywords of Bquadro, the queen of the dental world for over 60 years.
The Piedmontese company, since 2014, has embarked on a process of corporate digitalisation with Cosmobile: it has chosen multiple integrated digital solutions, the result is a continuous optimization of procedures, times and costs.



  • More effective management of the sales force and after-sales assistance
  • Provide professional customers with a single platform, from which they can place purchase orders and make restockings autonomously and immediately
  • Reset the use of paper and printing costs in company communication
  • Optimize all business procedures


Bquadro selected digital choices:

  • Data management from a single point
    Centralization of all business processes thanks to PIM Categora.

  • Digitization of the sales network
    Acquisition of orders from Tablet, simplified and optimized management of all activities related to the sales force with our Sales Force Automation Order Sender Enterprise Software.
  • Technical assistance and after sales, on the move
    The Tech Away App allows you to carry out technical interventions on the move, send reports to the company, manage customer care.

  • Digital presentations, orders and purchases
    The Bquadro catalog, product brochures and promotions are digital, interactive, multimedia and browsable online, with Paginae. Orders can be made directly from Mobile and items can be purchased with a few clicks.

  • Automatic Layout
    Catalog and price lists created with the automatic pager to optimize time, save money and reduce errors.
  • B2B Ecommerce
    Development of a B2B ecommerce, designed for professional customers and integrated with the Order Sender Enterprise application.
  • Mobile applications
    What is missing from your office or dental laboratory? All you need can be in the palm of a hand, thanks to the two CLApp and CLABO Applications, to be always connected with the dental world.



 All data in one place

All data in one place


Categora is a PIM (Product Information Management) solution: it collects all data in one place.

It is a complete management system, the "container" chosen by Bquadro to centralize, manage and enrich product information, create catalogs and distribute them to sales channels.
Revolutionize your activities, reduce time, errors and management costs.
Everything from a single point.

Sales force management

Sales force management

Order Sender Enterprise

Order Sender Enterprise facilitates and optimizes the acquisition of orders from Tablet and the management of all activities related to its sales force.

Our Sales Force Automation software can be customized according to the needs of the company: in fact, Bquadro, in addition to the basic functionality of the native App - the creation of the order and the management of the product's commercial information - required us to develop other key features for sales agents:

  • Integration with the Bluetooth Mobile POS with direct payment
  • Product reassortment
  • Product availability
  • Consultation of catalogs and documentary product sheets with user reading feedback (notification of reading)
  • Statistics by objectives and on periodic turnover
 Technical interventions on the move and after-sales assistance

Technical interventions on the move and after-sales assistance

Tech Away

Tech Away is an App dedicated to technical interventions and pre-sale and post-sale assistance.
It allows technical operators to carry out all technical assistance, maintenance and repair activities on the move, in addition to completing reports at the end of the intervention to be sent to the company.

In addition to managing the interventions in the best way, the App also offers assistance during the post-sales phase, therefore the customer service and the relationship with customers.
Tech Away is used by technicians who deal with assistance on equipment for dentists and dentists: it allows the compilation of an ad hoc Audit which contains useful information for the company on the type of intervention carried out and on the final customer satisfaction.

 Browse the catalogs online, create orders from Tablet and buy with a few clicks

Browse the catalogs online, create orders from Tablet and buy with a few clicks


With Paginae - our Digital Publishing Software - you can browse online Bquadro catalogs, brochures, flyers and click on the clickable areas to add the products to your whishlist in the Apps (CLApp and CLABO) or to buy them on the site.
Each item - 50 thousand products in the catalog - is just a click away, the order can be created directly from the Tablet.

 Automate the catalog layout process

Automate the catalog layout process

Automatic Layout

The Automatic Layout automates the layout process for the creation of catalogs and price lists. The automatic pager also allows you to automatically generate digital publications per page with already clickable areas set.

The advantages of automatic layout:

  • Time savings: reduce pagination times (-60% of time spent between automatic and manual pagination);
  • Cut costs and reduce errors
  • Data management independent of the creative development of the layout
  • All data in one place: centralized information in a single system from which to develop corporate digital communication
 In the foreground the needs of Professional Clients

In the foreground the needs of Professional Clients

B2B Ecommerce

We have developed a B2B E-commerce, through Order Factory, to optimize and facilitate the activity of professional customers.
E-commerce is fully integrated with the corporate database and with Order Sender Enterprise.

It is a new approach to dental structures with the aim of optimizing the purchase and use of the latest technologies, always in favor of the customer.

A professional dental shop with:

  • Catalog
  • Orders
  • Video Tutorials
  • Safety data sheets
  • Order Tracking
  • Complete documentation
  • Wish-List
  • Invoice Archive
Dental world in one hand

Dental world in one hand


What is missing from your office or dental laboratory?
Everything you need can fit in the palm of your hand!

  • CLApp is the Application to stay connected with the dental world, aimed at dental technicians.
  • CLABO offers you the same functionality as CLApp, but is aimed at dental technicians.

With a few clicks you have:

  • Dental Catalog with over 50 thousand items (the largest in Europe)
  • Free product search or by categories: data sheets for each article, leaflets, safety data sheets, video tutorials etc.
  • Blackboard and shopping list: to save interesting items and to insert those to buy;
  • Shopping list: to be sent to your Bquadro agent who will manage it independently for you;
  • Synchronization: you are always informed about the purchase history, incoming products, documents, invoices, deliveries, restocking. A direct line to your dental provider;
  • Offers: you always know all the promotions that will be notified to you in the App;
  • Tips & Tricks: all the editorial content at your disposal to be informed whenever you want.
Everything you need
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