Automatic Pagination: why is it convenient?

Impaginazione automatica: perché conviene?

Automatic Pagination: why is it convenient?

Automate the layout process for the creation of catalogs, price lists, catalogs, flyers for large-scale distribution, brochures.
All from a single software.

So, forget copy-paste, save time and money in data and content management.

Automatic Pagination: why is it convenient?
Do you still do the catalogs by hand?

The automatic pagination therefore, allows a considerable saving on costs and a considerable saving of time for the creation of product catalogs, price lists, manuals, technical documents, brochures etc.

The advantages of an Automatic Pagination Software

Here are all the advantages of automatic pagination compared to manual pagination:

  • Cost savings: -90% of costs for automatic layout, compared to manual layout
  • Time savings: significantly reduce production times: – 60% of time spent on automatic pagination, compared to the traditional one
  • Create any layout (catalogs, price lists, brochures etc.), even of large dimensions, in a very short time
  • Autonomous data management
  • All your data in a single point: the information is centralized in a single system from which all your business communication can then be developed
  • No error: all contents are entered correctly.
    With copy-paste, in the manual pagination, it is easy to insert incorrect content and make mistakes.
    These steps are eliminated with automatic pagination: the software acquires data directly from the database, without the need for manual intervention.

The advantages of an Automatic Pagination Software

  • Quick changes, even last minute: you can correct the layout quickly, even at the last minute.
    Any changes are made within the data source and automatically repagined.
  • Always up-to-date documents: in a few clicks you can update the entire layout or a single piece of data, so your content is always up to date
  • Personalized and multi-source content: You can also easily create customized publications and you can integrate content from different sources.
  • Different versions of the same catalog: you can have different versions of your layouts, according to your needs.
  • Automatic creation of summaries, indexes etc.
  • Quick and accurate translations: you can easily create multilingual and / or multi-currency versions of a publication.
    You have the possibility to create the localized catalog for the various countries it is intended for
  • Multi-channel strategy: you can reproduce the same correct content on different devices
  • Simple to use: by choosing the right automatic pagination software, you don’t need to have any technical, computer or graphic skills
  • Perfect final result: the contents are paginated in a precise manner.
    The automated workflow guarantees the absence of errors and an impeccable final result.

Categora: Automatic Paging Software

Our Categora Software also allows you to create layouts for catalogs, brochures, price lists, catalogs, flyers for large-scale distribution, as well as feeding online digital systems and mobile apps.

Categora feat. Adobe InDesign

Adobe inDesign – the software best known by graphic designers for all prepress and layout activities – is the creative tool we have chosen for automatic layout.

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