Enterprise PIM software

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Enterprise PIM software

It is essential for every company to have complete control of its data and information. The data is managed by different teams and departments, such as the IT office, Marketing, sales, external suppliers. So it’s very easy for them to be disorganized, dispersed, out of date, difficult to manage. Instead, it is important that this data is controlled, organised, managed and distributed to the various communication channels such as Ecommerce, Websites, Apps, Configurators, corporate digital tools.

What is PIM Software?

PIM software is used for exactly this: to manage all product information in a single point. PIM, Product Information Management, collects, manages, centralizes, integrates and distributes product data and information from a single software.

Enterprise PIM Software Categora

The Software House Cosmobile developed the PIM Categora Software. A PIM capable of: centralizing information management in a single point; enrich data with digital and multimedia content; distribute data across all communication channels.

Categora reduces management costs linked to content, allows you to always know where to find useful information, have all data updated on all channels, eliminates the possibility of error. Your product is at the center.

The PIM Categora Software manages multiple types of data: technical data, such as size, color, weight, material, ingredients; usage data, such as product descriptions; emotional data, such as detailed descriptions; multimedia files such as images, videos, PDFs.

What are the advantages of a PIM?

The PIM centralizes, manages and distributes product data. All from a single software. Among the advantages of a corporate PIM software:

  • Greater productivity and efficiency: no more time wasted searching for information, skimming it, updating it, aggregating it
  • Greater product quality: products with always complete, accurate and detailed information
  • Savings: saving of management costs, time and resources
  • Reduction of manual errors
  • Information and data always organized and up to date, never lose data again
  • Fast and efficient time to market

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