Catalogues, price lists, flyers on the App

catalogo prodotti su app paginae cosmobile

Catalogues, price lists, flyers on the App

Show your products on catalogues, price lists, digital flyers, distribute them with an App.

Paginae is a Digital Publishing App: a mobile digital library that allows you to display and distribute your catalogues, price lists, flyers, brochures, data sheets, manuals, publications, presentations, directly from the App, on Smartphones and Tablets.

Benefits App Paginae

Thanks to the Paginae App, you eliminate printing, modification and distribution costs, make a sustainable choice, eliminating the use of paper, save time, costs and resources, optimize sales of commercial agents.

Paginae works offline, is available for Smartphones and Tablets, iOS and Android. You can try it free for 15 days.

Digital Publishing Software: What Can You Do?

Paginae also allows you to create the index of your publication to consult it quickly and easily. You can develop interactions between documents, insert multimedia content, manage external links to the publication: thanks to the new markers, in fact, you can link your documents, videos, sites, E-commerce, catalogues, manuals. You can also download your publications and related attachments, to have them immediately available offline.

Adobe InDesign integration

You can also create multimedia documents from InDesign. Thanks to the Paginae plugin, you can export your publications directly from Adobe InDesign with one click and independently manage your clickable areas, directly from InDesign.

Integrations Paginae

All of your content is able to communicate externally to the App. Paginae integrates with multiple business tools such as CRM
corporate, E-commerce, PIM, App for sales agents etc.