Automate Pagination

automatizza l'impaginazione di cataloghi cosmobile

Automate Pagination

Automate Pagination
Do you still make catalogs by hand? Forget the copy-paste, save time and costs in data and content management.

Automate the layout process to create catalogues, price lists, catalogues, flyers, brochures.
All from one Automated Page Layout Software.

Automatic pagination

Choose the automatic layout to create: Product catalogues, price lists, technical data sheets, manuals, magazines, documentation, brochures, guides, handbooks, flyers for large-scale distribution, promotional layouts, yearbooks, labels.

Green light to extended descriptions and indications, multimedia elements, captions, technical tables, Cad components, associated manuals, certifications, product configurators, multilingual translations.

Automate the layout: the Benefits

There are many advantages of automatic pagination, compared to the manual one:

  • Automatic pagination: automate the layout process of catalogues, price lists, brochures, etc. forget the copy-paste
  • Cost savings: save up to 85% dedicated resources
  • Time savings: reduce production times, -60% of time spent compared to manual layout
  • Autonomous data management: manage the data independently, with respect to the creative development of the layout
  • Avoid manual errors
  • All data in a single point: all information is centralized in a single system from which to then develop corporate digital communication
  • Always up-to-date content: quick edits from one place
  • Maximum flexibility and graphic freedom: you decide the design of your layout. Choose the graphic aspect you prefer, create and customize templates and master pages
  • Multi-channel strategy: get the same correct and updated content on all your devices
  • Integrated with Adobe InDesign: the software has been designed to communicate perfectly with Adobe InDesign, the world’s most popular layout program.

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