System integration

  • We develop complex projects, integrating different technologies, in order to provide the best solutions, to satisfy specific needs.
  • Integration is our strength

  • Heterogeneous systems integration

    There is no single software which can satisfy all business needs of every field.
    We analyze and develop applications able to integrate your company's already existing software and complex systems, to implement new functionalities while re-using data, already existing in other internal systems.
    We develop web based solutions, offering the greatest efficiency and the possibility to work with any device connected to the network.

  • Management of the great amount of data

    Thanks to the constant research activities and development of new technologies, we are able to manage great amount of heterogeneous data, coming from different sources.
    Our goal is to provide a single effective access point, easy to use, allowing to manage all the information used by our customers in their activities.

  • Integration with company's system

    We know that we have to "communicate" with others...
    We manage, integrate and coordinate great amount of data, representing the company's heritage, which needs to be integrated with internal information systems.
    Thanks to our acquired solid skills, we are able to interact with management systems and data infrastructures, developed by other software houses.
    The integration with other system is the key to an actual efficiency and a significant lowering of data management costs.

  • We have integrated ourselves with many management software, such as:


    IBM AS400






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