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Order Sender

App to collect orders and manage the Sales Network

Revolutionize order picking!
Automate all your sales activities, cut costs, work on the move, sell more.

Order Sender is the App used to collect orders and manage the sales network most used by Italian sales agents.
Available for Web, Smartphone and Tablet (iOS and Android), it works offline.

 Mobile Order Collection

Mobile Order Collection

Automate order collection!
Quickly fill out the order on Smartphone and Tablet, add products directly from the digital catalog
and send a copy of the order to the supplier or customer, in pdf format.

Say goodbye to paper, eliminate management, printing costs and the possibility of error.

Digital and Interactive Catalogs

Digital and Interactive Catalogs

The digital catalog is an essential sales tool.

Forget about huge and heavy paper catalogs to print, update and distribute.
Your catalogs become digital and interactive, rich in multimedia content, always updated and always available on Smartphone and Tablet, even offline.

Transform the sale into an interactive and emotional experience.

Business Travels tours

Business Travels tours

Never miss a sale again with Business Travels, the Order Sender tour.

  • Plan your appointments
  • Geolocate customers on the interactive map
  • Create report at the end of the visit

Reach your business goals, increase sales, work more easily, without stress, wasted time and without losing sales opportunities.

 Commercial Agents Commissions

Commercial Agents Commissions

A section dedicated to the commissions of the Commercial Agents to measure and know, at any time, what is your profit on sales.

Commission calculation, filters and advanced statistics:

  • Two ways of calculating commissions
  • Advanced statistics dashboard: a Business Intelligence tool to keep track of all the sales information
The advantages of Sales Force Automation

The advantages of Sales Force Automation

  • Collect orders on the move from any device (Tablet and Smartphone, iOS and Android)
  • Increase sales
  • You save money, time and optimize your job as a commercial agent
  • Completely eliminate the order entry times
  • Clear the possibility of error
  • You are always updated on the customer's situation (quotes, orders, reports), on products, price lists, prices, discounts, promotions etc.
  • Manage orders, quotes, documents, commissions, tour visits, reports and statistics
  • Your data is always protected and safe thanks to the Cloud
  • The software integrates with any company management system
  • It is simple to use
  • Eliminate the use of paper, choose sustainability and help the Planet
  • It works offline
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A Suite of interconnected Mobile Solutions

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