• CommTimes is a platform dedicated to electronic commerce, based on Open-Source technologies. It was developed to offer an ad hoc solution to every business approaching e-commerce.
    CommTimes is an extendible and extremely versatile system: it was developed to manage huge amount of data and to have different interlocutors; beyond the final consumer, it is possible to involve business professionals, business networks and retail outlets.
  • An extendible and versatile platform, perfect for every need.

  • Simple to use

    One of the strengths of our platform is its management interface, kept extremely user-friendly: simple and intuitive, it contains only modules and controls necessary for company's actual needs and it can be also used by non-technical personnel.

  • A tool built around customer's goals

    Developing CommTimes, we wanted to produce a tool able to satisfy expectations and needs of our customers, even of the most dynamic ones, who can now autonomously manage catalog and contents, thanks to the comfortable back-office section.
    Moreover, knowing how fast the technological field evolves, we constantly develop extensions and new supports, to integrate the most cutting-edge technologies and supply our customers with an updated and functional tool.

  • Our strengths:

    • User-friendly
    • Adaptable to every need
    • Integration with company's internal systems
      (warehouse, management system, sales network)
    • Integration with company's external systems
      (logistics, payment systems, partners' stores)
    • Integration with product configurators
    • Integration with data coming from other stores
    • Customer care management
    • Integrated with particular CRM
    • Integrated with social networks
    • Integrable with AdWords
    • Integrable with eBay
    • Integrable with Amazon stores
    • Responsive and integrable with mobile technologies
    • Integrable with iBeacon technologies
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