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The rounds module

The rounds module

Business Travels is the Order Sender rounds module, and helps you schedule your calendar appointments. 

Is an essential solution for the sales force, giving agents the opportunity to better manage the clients rounds. It optimize time and helps better organize the weekly schedules. 

Discover Business Travels
With Business Travels you can:

With Business Travels you can:

  • Schedule your appointments with few clicks
  • Organize and sync all your visits
  • Manage appointments with specific audits
  • Geolocate your customers on the interactive map
  • Export your appointments in an Excel file
  • Create end-visits reports (with goals, notes and outcomes) 
  • Manage prospects
  • Combine customer's attendance rate (check when last scheduled appointment was established and when the next one is going to be)  
  • Visualize appointments on your device's calendar 
  • Integrable with wearables and messaging systems 



How to plan your schedules?

How to plan your schedules?

With Business Travels, you have an overview of all your scheduled appointments. 

You can pair any customer with his/her "visit rate", knowing if the last scheduled appointment has been honored before the established date and when the next will be

Interactive map & Audit

Interactive map & Audit

The Interactive Map allows the agent to quickly find a meeting's location and the client's final position. He can easily measure distances in real-time. 

At the end of a visit, an agent can evaluate the meeting and get feedback from the company thanks to a survey: a specific audit that assures an immediate evaluation. 

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