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Tech Away: Tech support and reports on the move

TechAway is a complete mobile solution dedicated to technicians: it allows to carry out technical support activities, maintenance, and repair on the move, creating reports that can be sent to both the customer and the company.

Tech support, maintenance, and repair on the move

All tech support, maintenance, and repair operations can be carried out by operators directly on the move.
This mobile tool is essential to incorporate information on periodic or scheduled interventions with specific data for technical operators working on site.

Send reports to your company

TechAway allows a complete uptime for technicians on the move, from technical support operations to the final report.

The company can schedule work and monitor all carried out activities, updating operators on the field.
You have all documents, whit update information, always at disposal, because they can be browsed offline.

Your mobile technical assistant

The platform works like a personal mobile assistant: it can optimize any process of planned management.

Technical support on the move: manage all intervention on the move with just a few clicks

Information and directions, always updated: you have all updated info at your disposal

Reports: fill in and send reports on activities carried out

Works offline: no connection needed.

The App is available for Tablets, iOs, and Android.
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