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EcorNaturaSì's digital and eco-friendly choices

The history of the largest Italian company in the distribution of natural, organic and biodynamic products, began more than 30 years ago in Treviso.

In 1985 an ambitious project came to life, starting from a small shop of organic products, which today has become EcorNaturaSì.

The EcorNaturaSì Group also includes the BiotoBio brand: a partnership between two historic companies in the organic world, Baule Volante and Fiori di Loto.

How to optimize business procedures

The company needed to optimize all company procedures, obtain a more effective management of the sales force - which distributes organic products in a widespread manner, both in Italy and abroad - to speed up and improve order collection on the go, eliminate use paper for the creation of catalogs and to automate the layout of flyers and promotional price lists, in a path that increasingly goes towards digitization and environmental sustainability.

EcorNaturaSì's digital and green choices

Ecornaturasì is an eco-friendly company that supports the health of people, the Earth, nature and the environment in general.
The company has therefore always adopted green choices towards the environmental sustainability of the company in all its phases: from production to sale, up to the promotion of its products.

It is also for this reason that the Group has decided to choose some of our digital solutions that allow the automatic layout of flyers and price lists, therefore the reduction of costs, times and errors, and the digitization of the sales force: the collection of orders from Tablet and advanced management of the digital catalog.

Automatic layout of flyers and promotional price lists

Ecornaturasì has decided to automate the layout process of its flyers with offers and price lists with promotions, using the Automatic Layout Module of our PIM (Product Information Management) Categora.

In this way, all the data is in a single point: the information is centralized in a single system from which all the corporate digital communication can then be developed.
All data, information and prices layout processes are automated and speeded up.
Costs and time are saved (-85% of costs and -60% of time spent on automatic pagination compared to manual pagination), the possibility of error is eliminated and data management is independent from the graphics of the pagination.

Order collection from Tablet, digitalized sales network, advanced catalog management

Ecornaturasì, for the acquisition of orders from its sales agents and for the management of all the activities of the sales network, has chosen our solution of Sales Force Automation Order Sender Enterprise.

Thanks to this software, which can be customized according to the needs of the company, the order collection is automated and carried out on the move from the Tablet, the management of the agents is optimized, thus reducing the processing time of the order and the possibility of errors, consequently the sales network is more productive, sells better and more.

OS Enterprise also allows advanced management of the EcorNaturaSì group catalog with over 9 thousand products, specific discount policies, advanced packaging management and complex and articulated product sheets.
They improve all business processes within the company.

Discover our experience with the Ecornaturasì Group

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