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Product configurators: customize your offer

Make your products exclusive: guide the customer in the creation of his tailor-made article thanks to the product configurators.

Customize the offer to the customer, reduce costs and choice times, make it easier to use complex and structured products and services, optimize sales.

What are the product configurators?

Product configurators are software that allow your customers to structure and create the best product for their specific needs, choosing components and combinations within variable and complex catalogs.

Advanced tools that support customers and sellers in the configuration, and therefore in the personalization of products and purchase choices.

What are the product configurators for?

The configurators allow your customers to customize items according to their needs and tastes.
They are indispensable resources to optimize costs and times, and to simplify the use of complex products and services.

Give customer requests immediate answers, complete and rapid information.
Allow him to view the various product configurations quickly and effectively, in total autonomy.

Thanks to this tool, accessible to everyone, not only for those with technical skills, you can reduce choice times, even for complex product combinations.
Guide the customer, or the sales network, towards the choice and definition of their products, optimizing your sales.

Optimize and customize the sales process

Product configurators are effective sales tools: they shorten the purchase process, provide the seller and the customer with an easy and immediate-to-use tool, which simplifies the search and implementation of the optimal solution.

Customizing your products is essential to generate value and not lose sales.
Build your customized offer thanks to our flexible, dynamic and integrable configurators.
The user can configure each product, customize it and make it unique, according to his needs and his taste.

We develop Configurators:

  • Configurators that can be integrated into any company management system
  • Multi-step configuration with advanced customization possibilities for each item
  • Configurators for custom quotes
  • E-commerce configurators on Magento and Magento 2 platform
  • Complex configurators but of immediate use
  • Configurators that guide the user, in a simple and interactive way, in choosing the tailor-made product

Do you want to make your offer unique? Contact us!

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