Price catalogs

  • To generate automatized price catalogs means developing single price catalogs, which could vary by choice or disposition of sections and categories of business proposals.
  • Many price catalogs in only one tool.

  • Specific price catalogs for every interlocutor

    Think about a price catalog for partners or generic customers, where the product categories or even the same products could have different prices, numbers or disposition.
    We can create different price catalogs linked to the business offer, generating specific page layouts, containing data linked to every single interlocutor.

  • Differentiated products offer

    It comes natural thinking about differentiated prices for every price catalog, but with this type of management it is possible to create different catalogs, such as products offer.
    For example, one customer may not see a range of products, which can be purchased or resold by others.
    Moreover, it is possible to create price catalogs with particular products for certain markets.

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