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Large-scale retail

Catalogs, magazines and price lists



Automatic pagination for large scale retail trade helps to reduce development times for folders and commercial catalogs. 

Magazine and promotional catalogs

Magazine and promotional catalogs

The entire database is managed by Categora, a tool that allows the creative department to generate catalogs or specific promotional magazines. 

This solution helps supermarket chains to automate publication on different platforms.

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Mobile Direct Marketing

Mobile Direct Marketing

Publications can become digital systems to be browsed on mobile devices, directly in your customer's pocket. That opens the way to direct marketing. 

Even more digital Press-releases

Even more digital Press-releases

Traditional publications can be shared better with digital tools. 

Along with paper and internet website, your typesets can be shared via mobile apps. 

Paginae allows you to deliver flyers, catalogs, and digital brochures and to enrich them with multimedia content. They can be linked with your e-commerce platform or other informative channels on the net. 

Complete your multichannel offer with our advanced tools! 

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