Wordpress development

  • We offer open solutions to give the autonomy our customers are looking for. We integrate ourselves with the most spread and sound standards. We take the maximum they can offer, experience, safety, maturity..
  • We have standards and we surpass them.

  • Wordpress development

    We create sites and blogs in Wordpress.
    With this platform we are able to offer any solution, an adaptable, functional and fast project, which will grant use's immediateness and a complete customization too.

    You'll have a platform that you can manage with complete autonomy, due to a control panel through which you will be able to customize and update your web site in the way and at the time you'd like to.

  • Integration between the many Open Source platforms

    We integrate open source projects with external systems or other platforms to offer the greatest flexibility in the management of the various data sources.
    We know that any open source project gives its best for every specific kind of activity; for example Wordpress is dedicated to the blog development, Magento to the e-commerce development, Drupal to the management of complex portals.
    Each one of these instruments carries out wonderfully its mission, but it doesn't always integrate other structures' characteristics or it offers limited solutions.
    Our consultancy makes it possible to take advantage of any system and to integrate resources coming from several sources

  • Open Source and Security

    We know that Open Source tools are a useful shortcut in the development of sites and portals but, at the same time, they often involve serious security issues.
    The development of these tools is shared and pretty widespread, so it becomes the target of many attacks.
    We assure the use of safe and guaranteed plug-in, and the maximum of attention for the platforms' revision, in order to have always the highest coverage possible from contingent attacks.

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