Product configurators

  • We develop product configurators, usually integrated with their own web site, which are perfect tools to capture the attention of potential customers, making the sales process easier.
    Users can implement complex solutions, thanks to simple steps during the choice and the configuration, with all the existing productive characteristics taken into account in the computing process.
  • Make your customer build the offer.

  • A scheme to be built on-line

    Advanced tools, such as product configurators, represent an exceptional way to optimize costs and time of the business activity.
    It is possible to provide the customer with an immediate answer to his questions and needs, offering all the information required directly online, in the less time possible and in a completely autonomous way.

    Moreover, the customer can see the right configuration and visualize alternatives to the main product in a comprehensive and visually effective manner.

  • Request for quotation

    A natural step in the evolution of our configuration software is represented by a module, developed to send requests for quotation, based on chosen configurations, in a simple and automatic way.

    Furthermore, it is possible to ask for additional information, in order to provide the customer with more targeted and quicker support, since the possibilities, the product's characteristic and the company's production capacity may not be always well understood.

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