Business platforms

  • New technologies and the market progress impose the need to manage the entire business process through a single tool. In order to make it feasible, more innovative and efficient management software platforms are required.
  • Innovation and functionality.

  • Cloud-based systems

    We provide Internet- and cloud-based control tools, available to your personnel anywhere and from any device connected to the network.

  • Flexibility and integration

    Flexibility and integration create process efficiency that makes you more competitive in the global market, thanks to the shared processes and to the interconnection between various business roles.

  • A tailor-made solution

    We offer flexible and scalar solutions built upon your company's needs, quickly adaptable to new business contexts, thanks to intuitive and simple web-based interfaces, managing the complexity of business organizational processes, while assuring the operational efficiency growth.

  • Resources geolocation

    For years now we have been developing solutions based on Google Maps API, connected to geolocation, to offer both corporate applications for resources monitoring/geolocation and consumer services, which allows the users to locate retail outlets, cultural sites, branches, ecc...

  • Audit Management

    We implement solutions of Audit Management, allowing to program the audits and to structure and define the questions.
    The collected results can be gathered in a document, which displays the comparison between data and obtained average values.
    Otherwise, they can be consulted at the statistical level, following a geographical or conceptual partition.

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