Security and monitoring systems

  • We are able to develop and to customize software solutions for the electronic systems of security and monitoring.
  • Advanced security tools

  • Electronic security systems

    We develop solutions for video surveillance and security, such as access/presence control applications, person/goods/mobile video surveillance/events locator software.

    Thanks to the integration with software such as Milestone XProtect® and VTrack, our applications are able to offer advanced video management and analysis solutions.
    We implement integrations with mobile ragged devices, GPS modules and advanced hardware.

  • Remote operated management

    We develop software for the on-line management of complex equipments via GPRS with optimized connection protocols.

    We are the reference point for numerous mechanic and electro-medical industries, as we offer the possibility to consult the information not from traditional devices or specific hardware, but from on line tools and mobile apps.

    Our engineers analyze and develop specific solutions for companies which choose us as their partner for the development of particular applications.

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