We are a software house

  • Our strength is in integration

    The Cosmobile team is made up of developers, who's goal is to realize solutions that are easy-to-use, efficient and integrated with already existing systems.

    The engineering of our projects, from analysis to design and development, starts from the assumption that implementing a software solution must be an evolution, aiming at making better the procedures and optimizing time and costs of the field it faces.

    We know how to "speak" with other systems and we consider as our strongest point the capacity to integrate with management systems and ERP infrastructures, present in the Companies of our professional interlocutors.

  • Easy, simple & efficient

    We know our work and we are able to develop complex tools and algorithms, but we also know that whoever is going to use our software or our mobile solution will not be an engineer or IT expert.

    That's why, while developing our proposals, we pay attention to people who are going to use them and how our solutions are going to be used.

    We pay a lot of attention to design and usability of our products, in particular to those dedicated to final consumers, conceived for business promotion, trying to make use of innovative and integrable tools.

  • We are ready for new challenges...

    We offer our integrated solutions related to the product's presentation and to the marketing and business proposal, paying always attention to new technological evolutions, which challenge us every day.
    Our team is made-up of more or less 12 developers and engineers and other 6 professionals, who manage the activities connected to design, infrastructure and consulting for our clients.

    We are conscious of the fact that we are just at the beginning and that the road is still long.

    We are ready for new challenges in collaborating with your Company.

  • What we do

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