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Magento with turbo

Go beyond Magento: expand the potential of the most used open source E-commerce platform in the world thanks to our advanced and customized solutions.

Choose a team of certified Magento developers, ready to offer you advanced and customized functions and to give you highly qualified and specialized advice and support.

Optimized platform for Conversion

Optimized platform for Conversion

  • Catalog design
    It best represents your products, studies sets of customized attributes and creates configuration paths for even the most complex products.
  • One step checkout
    Take advantage of fluid and optimized purchasing procedures, collect data quickly and close the sale in a few clicks.
  • Autocompletion of addresses with Google Maps
    Simplifies and speeds up all purchasing procedures, especially from Mobile. Real-time self-completion of the user's address.
  • Customized and optimized design
    Say goodbye to standard templates. We study and create responsive Design to enhance your product and your brand. We design different navigation paths and objectives (lead generation, conversions, up-selling).
  • Magento-ready hosting
    Trust a powerful and optimized cloud infrastructure for Magento, with over 80 specific monitoring points and dedicated security mechanisms. We also design microservice solutions on Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Services.
Advanced sales tools

Advanced sales tools

  • SEO-ready platform
    Our platforms are born with all the main SEO specifications required by the market and the main search engines. Optimizations that allow better indexing of content and maximization of marketing investments.
  • Page Builder
    Build landing pages and structured content in record time, thanks to a simple and intuitive visual design tool.
  • Visual Merchandising
    Improve the visibility of your products within E-commerce: create personalized showcases and give priority to products that make you earn more.
  • Print custom orders
    Create custom graphics for your orders and receipts.
Stay in control of your business

Stay in control of your business

  • Advanced and customizable reports
    Measure your work with advanced Business Intelligence and data analysis systems. Create custom dashboards and graphs to monitor your E-commerce.
  • Track your Marketing activities
    Optimize E-commerce management and find out how to improve your performance thanks to the main tracking tools (Google Tag Manager, Google ADS Remarketing, Facebook Pixel etc.)
Automate your E-commerce and cut management costs

Automate your E-commerce and cut management costs

  • Automated integrations
    Automating data flows (products, price lists, stock levels, orders, customers) allows you to reduce the problems of over-selling, order transcription and internal management costs.
    Connect your E-commerce to company management (ERP), logistics (WMS), production systems or other catalog (PIM) and order management (OMS) systems.
  • Create new sales channels
    Publish your catalog on the main marketplaces and third-party systems through personalized feeds (Amazon, Ebay, Google Shopping, Facebook, Find prices etc.).

Trust a qualified and certified Magento team.
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