Magento experience

  • As an open-source e-commerce solution, we offer Magento, the most used platform in the world.
    Our skills and numerous custom modules developed, allow us to go beyond the standard functionalities of the platform, tailoring the software to company's needs.

  • The most used e-commerce platform in the world.

  • What is Magento?

    Magento is the most world-spread e-commerce platform, which makes it possible to manage the entire product's sales process.

    It's a dynamic and modern open-source platform, kept updated and versatile by a community of experts and operators of this field.
    Nowadays, this application counts more than 1.000.000 downloads and is currently used by exclusive brands from all over the world, such as Nokia, Lenovo, Olympus, Samsung and many others.

    Magento provides necessary tools to manage and optimize the purchase process activities, such as visualization of advanced reports and management of multiple online shops.
    Moreover, it includes numerous marketing and SEO tools (optimization of search engines).

  • Magento ad hoc development

    We have been knowing and integrating the Magento platform for many years now: since the basic open-source version, we provide new modules and plugins to further extend its functionalities, to customize it and to make it a very effective tool in comparison with your competitors!

    We study and develop a completely customized project together with our client: after a careful analysis of needs and goals, the platform is adapted to specific required conditions and made compatible with company's information and management systems.
    Cosmobile adds its skills to the use of Magento platform: thanks to the know-how, acquired through development of numerous projects, we now have a thorough knowledge of Magento and, conscious of the platform's limits, we are able to offer different eye-catching graphical solutions for the e-commerce portals, not bound to the standard purchase process.
    We offer a more complete and flexible tool, to be used for purchase process, order management, to be integrated with non-standard payment gateways and under many other aspects.

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