Business to Business

  • Companies using our customized platforms to sell products/services to other companies, retailers or distributors, acquire a quick, effective and convenient tool for their Business to Business B2B sale process, offering their customers a fulfilling experience and making their company grow.
  • A quick, effective and convenient tool.

  • Optimization and integration

    Managing univocal data on a shared platform allows you to spare resources and to simplify extremely articulate and hard to manage processes.

    Using this approach, a lot of administrative and bureaucratic processes can be integrated.
    Since they become automatized, it allows you to accelerate routine procedures, obtaining greater results and optimizing costs and time.

  • Advantages B2B Cosmobile

    • Branding
      It helps brand trust building.
    • Automation
      It automates orders management, eliminates errors, reduces customer management costs and time.
    • High quality
      Improving the purchase experience, you will make your customers and professional interlocutors more satisfied and loyal.
    • Acquiring new customers
      Acquiring new customers or professional interlocutors.
  • Flexibility and customization

    The software platform we use is flexible and customizable, fact that allows companies to develop a top-quality sales plan.
    Moreover, it is adaptable to particular needs and to new technologies, linked to product packaging and company marketing issues.

  • We offer you:

    • Multi-channel shopping
      purchase available on-line and from mobile devices
    • Internationalization
      Multi-language and multi-currency site for companies wishing to expand their activity on international markets
    • Saving and simplification
      automation of executive and logistical processes, with tangible costs lowering and time saving
    • Integration with company's management information system
      ad hoc integration with company's management information system, with customized statistics, integration with potential CRM or company's marketing tools
    • Price catalogs and discounts
      management of complex promotions, price catalogs and discounts
    • Statistics and Report
      thanks to the specific reports, it is possible to have a great control over results.
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