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All data in one place

Categora is a PIM (Product Information Management) solution: collects all data in one place. 

It allows to manage, centralize and enrich product information, create catalogs and release them to sales channels. 
Makes the creation and delivery of winning product experiences in a faster and easier way. 

All in one place

  • Cut down on management costs
  • Clear the possibility of manual errors
  • You always know where to find the information you need
  • Your data is always correct and updated on all channels
  • Speed ​​up Time to Market
A PIM solution

A PIM solution

Categora is a platform that helps develop formatted catalogs, price lists, flyers, brochure, and can supply online digital systems and mobile apps. 

What's its added value?
In addition to having everything you need in a single space, once modified, it can be published or replicated in the various publications that include it.  

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Focused on the product

Focused on the product

A tool to manage and organize centrally all product data, all in one place. 
Makes data control, planning, and use easy. 
Takes down management time and costs.  

Flexibility, control, and safety for your data

Flexibility, control, and safety for your data

  • Web Application: a flexible and safe solution to manage your data, from any device. 
  • Data import:  import files (Excel, CSV, XML, etc.) from digital sources
  • Plan and sort out: plan all your product classifications (categories, families, descriptive sheets) 
  • Harmonize and enrich: insert all your product's digital information (photos, videos, datasheets, audio, additional sheets, etc.) 
  • Manage and control: Share, edit and easily enrich your product's data with all business figures. 
  • Centralize: manage product's data life cycle (contents, audit, customer service, etc.) 
  • Share and translate: translate all information in any language
  • Multi-channel: export data from Aikuboard to your ecommerce website, on catalogs, on marketing channels, etc. 
A complete management system

A complete management system

Categora is a complete management system: once the stream of data towards Categora has been set, the software can manage both single products and the entire database with no issue. 

  • Collect data from any source: ERPs, producers, marketing team
  • Enrich and control quality for your publications: align, manage, share
  • Deploy on many channels: Ecommerce, Mobile, Web, Auto Pagination

Furthermore, it allows to edit visual and multimedia information which cannot be directly processed by the company's ERP (photos, related manuals, matching accessories, technical and descriptive charts, extensive outlines, additional languages, certifications, product configurators). 
Once the project has been uploaded, it can be published on different channels. 

Modular & Integrable

Modular & Integrable

The software can be configured with custom modules, offering all the functions you and your project need. 

We implement a proper management of the product's data. We even edit existing tools, if needed. In this way, we always get the best data for the final user's reference in administration management. Your company can look at the database in an easy and intuitive way for commercial and marketing actions. 

Data, always updated

Data, always updated

Categora can be instructed to make synchronization process with the company's ERP, periodically or manually. 

It can communicate with different systems and platforms, such as AS400, SAP, Oracle, Navision, Filemaker and, in general, with all such platforms with a data import/export system. 

Catagora can manage

Catagora can manage

  • Product catalogs 
  • Technical handbooks 
  • Datasheets 
  • Variable-data printing systems
  • Price lists
  • Advertisement magazines 
  • Technical documentation
  • Handbooks 
  • Guides 
  • Brochures
  • Professional Magazines 
  • GDO Folders
  • Yearbooks 
  • Promo typesets 
  • Labels  
Categora uses Adobe InDesign

Categora uses Adobe InDesign

The creative tool for pagination chosen by Categora is Adobe InDesign, the most known among graphic designers for pre-printing a pagination: the creative part is made for graphic designers to manage all aspects of their finished products.

The develop of dedicated data-management scripts and custom plug-ins allows InDesign users to be totally independent for the creation of different publications. 

Multiple, interconnected mobile solutions

Multiple, interconnected mobile solutions

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