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App Gelato: App for ice cream shops!

App Gelato: App for ice cream shops!

App Gelato: App for ice cream shops!

The history of AppGelato begins in 2013, naturally in the summer, eating an ice cream!
At the time, there was no mobile application that would help ice cream parlors on a marketing level.

We have thus recently developed and perfected a unique and functional project, which the whole ice cream sector can benefit from, always keeping up with the times and intelligently exploiting the diffusion and use of Mobile among the general public.



Loyalty of customers in the ice cream shop, now you can with AppGelato

The mobile application has as its sole objective the gratification and customer satisfaction, because it is only with good loyalty that the ice cream shop benefits from a greater return.

A set of functions, studied on the dynamics of the purchase of ice cream, reward and gratify the customer from once a day, to numerous times a year, based on the delicacy of each.

The app stimulates customers to return to the same ice cream shop by helping the ice cream maker to be remembered by increasing the perception of the goodness of the ice cream.

Essential and easy to customize.

The App does what the ice cream maker has never done, because there was no right tool to catch the customer who is always in a hurry.

Customers download the app simply by playing "Gusta e Vinci" and the ice cream maker just has to decide, for them, the most effective loyalty programs.

AppGelato can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

An effective marketing tool.  A direct bridge between ice cream shops and customers

An effective marketing tool.
A direct bridge between ice cream shops and customers

AppGelato has proven itself, not only an application loved by ice cream enthusiasts, but also and above all a tool that helps and supports the promotion of good artisan gelato.

In fact, thanks to its functionalities, studied ad hoc on the needs of ice cream makers and on the dynamics of this specific sector, it offers cutting-edge possibilities to reach its customers directly and effectively with customizable offers and promotions.

Thanks to the scans of simple QR-Codes, the ice cream maker does not have to integrate any more tools, because the code reader is the customer's Smartphone.
Technology and innovation in the ice cream shop within reach of consumers.

Here's what it does for the ice cream maker:

  • Register your customers
  • It gratifies them when they return to the ice cream shop
  • Reward them based on purchases
  • She is attentive to anniversaries: send her greetings by offering a birthday bonus
  • Inform and send promotions with push notification


Only, Fast, Cool
In one word: AppGelato.

  • User Experience. Effective and Cool
    Optimization and improvement of the UX: it is even simpler, functional, but increasingly cool and modern.
  • Branding
    Brand enhancement.
  • Web & mobile platform
    Development of a fully responsive web portal and mobile application, with study of the coordinated image.


App Gelato

Technical skills

Technical skills

  • Native App development on iOS and Android
  • Website development
  • Offline resident content with optimized sync
  • Problem solving consultancy
  • Support for App distribution on stores
  • Support to customer loyalty
  • Advanced management back office development



Zend Framework
CSS3 (edited)

Objective C
Core Data

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