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Auto pagination
  • We automate the page layout process for the catalogs and price list creation, helping you to save time while managing data and contents.
    Our software can generate page layouts from data, managed by digital informative systems, which are sorted and managed following specific characteristics and extrapolated from particular databases that associate management data with product's presentation data.
  • Do you still make your price catalogs by hand? Save time, forget copy and paste.

  • Categora

    Categora is our platform for a complete digital management of the development process and creation of a variety of complex page layouts, following the needs of corporate marketing.
    A single software enables you to develop catalog page layouts, price lists, price catalogs, product brochures, but also to fuel online digital systems or mobile apps with a greater advantage: the data is in a single space and once modified, it is just published or replicated in the various publications involving it.

  • Advantages of the automatic page layout

    • Time saving
      Reducing of production times.
    • Data management made independent from creative development
      Data management detached from creativity management and page layout design.
    • Centralized information
      Possibility to centralize the digital information in a single system, able to develop all the digital communication of the company.
  • Adobe InDesign, the editor for creative people and designers

    All of our automatic page layout systems contain Adobe InDesign, dedicated to the management and to the development of the creative part of page layouts.
    We use this software to provide the designers with a standard tool for the desktop publishing development.
    The development of scripts and plug-ins, dedicated to the collection and management of data organized by Categora, allows people using InDesign to be completely independent while creating different page layouts.

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