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Auto Pagination

Do you still fill the price lists and catalogs by hand? Forget copy-paste, save time and money

Automatica page layout software

Automatica page layout software

We automate the page layout process for creating catalogs and price lists, saving you time in managing data and content.

Our software allows to generate paginated starting from data managed by digital information systems: switching on to an entirely digital concept, where the designer creates the layout with master pages, and defined styles and the system automatically inserts data from another database-managed system.



La nostra piattaforma per una completa gestione digitale, si chiama Categora: un unico software che permette di sviluppare impaginati di cataloghi, listini, catalistini, flyer per la GDO, brochure, ma anche di alimentare sistemi digitali online e App mobile.

Categora è una soluzione PIM (Product Information Management): raccoglie tutti i dati in un unico punto.
Semplifica la gestione e il controllo delle informazioni sul prodotto e la loro fruizione.
Abbatte tempi, errori e costi di gestione.
Questo significa che, oltre ad avere in un unico spazio tutto quello che ci serve, una volta modificato, questo può essere pubblicato o replicato nelle varie pubblicazioni che lo comprendono.

Scopri Categora
Categora uses Adobe InDesign

Categora uses Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is the creative tool chosen for Categora's layout.
The best known by graphic designers for prepress and layout activities, in fact, the creative, design and setting part is conceived for graphic designers that must manage finished product's creative aspects.

The development of scripts and plug-ins dedicated to data collection and management organized by Categora allows InDesign users, to be entirely independent in various page layout design.
When there are thousands of references to layout, with an enormous amount of data to manage, you need an efficient but straightforward tool.
It allows pages layout development that could be mixed with other databases to easily and immediately manage Direct Marketing activities.

Auto Pagination layout advantages

Auto Pagination layout advantages

  • Time-saving. Production times reduction (-60% between automatic and manual);
  • Autonomous Data management compared to page layout creative development;
  • All data in one single point: centralized information in a single system from which to then develop the corporate digital communication.


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