Sales Force Automation

Tools for your sales network
  • The solutions of Sales Force Automation, developed to manage your sales network, display numerous advantages during the process of company's resources management.
    Providing your sales network with effective and strong tools makes the difference, rendering unique to your customers the experience with your company.
  • The order copy for your sales network.

  • Your highly efficient Sales Network

    The advantages of implementing mobile solutions for the automation of your own sales network are numerous: having a tool that is integrated with the company's information system makes it possible to lower the costs linked to typing errors and those linked to the communication with agents, providing them with a single reference, accessible even without internet connection, optimizing the sales process.

  • A model of productivity

    our solution of Sales Force Automation is Order Sender, a software used by agents for the compilation of order copy and for the management of business orders, developed in 5 years.
    Over time it emerged as the most widely used solution by sales representatives and agents.

    The company's sales network can be integrated with the CRM, which manages sales from tablet, allowing the agents to always have access to information about products, price catalogs and customers continuously synchronized with company's ERP.

    Order Sender is the modular solution we offer to satisfy your company's needs, with ad hoc customizations for any of your demands.

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