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Manage your company's information and resources

A complete tool for monitoring your activities

We develop solutions for centralized management of corporate information.

The data aggregation (on workers and customers) and mobile activity management, allows to have a complete control tool right in your pocket. 

All information in one place

All information in one place

Categora is PIM solution: it gathers all data in one place.

Allows to centralize, manage, and enrich product information, to create catalogs and share them on different sales channels. 
It makes easy to create and deliver winning product experiences. 
It's an essential tool for Marketing and Account departments. 

Everything is integrated in scalable IT systems that can be easily integrated with corporate's CRMs or ERPs. 

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Mobile Technical Support

Mobile Technical Support

We offer tools for the management of technical support centers from one place. 

This allows to: automate and track the flow of any technical intervention request from a single place; schedule and carry out the intervention; having all technical information at disposal in mobility and share working experiences with images or standard data; manage technical support from a single place; send periodic reports on carried out activities. 

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