Resources management

Managing the information linked to your own company
  • We develop solutions to manage in an easy and centralized way all the information linked to your company.
    Aggregation of information about personnel and customers and the management of external activities through mobile tools allow people who use them to have a complete information tool for their activity always by themselves.
  • A comprehensive tool for your activity.

  • All the information in a single space

    Our applications make it possible to centralize all the internal information about technical, business and personnel management activities, in order to facilitate the achievement of your company's goals.
    All this is integrated in scalable computerized systems, which can be linked to company's CRM and ERP.

  • Management of technical support centers

    We offer management tools for technical support centers, which make it possible to automize and to track every request for intervention, to plan and to perform it, having available technical information directly in mobility and sharing working experience through premade images or information.

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