Simple and easy-to-use visual configurators
  • Having product configurators on mobile devices allows professionals and your customers to choose and make use of complex products and services, with many possible choice combinations.
  • Make a choice in less time.

  • Simplicity and immediacy

    We have developed very simple and easy-to-use visual configurators, making it possible to choose among heterogeneous combinations of products in less time, and which makes accessible to final customers with poor technical skills activities, performed previously only by technicians or specialized personnel.

  • Integrable with your company management system

    Our configurators on tablets are perfectly integrable with management systems of our customers.
    They also function offline, in order to be available anywhere and in anytime.

    Thanks to this tool, it will be possible to address more easily and in an interactive way the customer, the sales network or the technical support for the correct definition of the product.

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