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Easy to use product configurators

Tear down choosing times


Having product configurators available on mobile devices means to simplify and customize the choice of your customers. 
The use of complex products and services is made easy. 
The combinations are many. 

Simplicity & Immediacy

Simplicity & Immediacy

Product configuration is a complex task. 
Cosmobile develops visual configurators that are intuitive and immediate and can cut the timeline for choosing complex product combinations. 
Thanks to our configurators, even final clients without any technical skill can complete specialized tasks in a jiff. 

Integrable with your company ERP

Integrable with your company ERP

Our configurators are perfectly integrated with any management system; they are developed to work offline and from any device, at any time. 
For all of your customers. 

Define the product  easily

Define the product

Thanks to this tool, you can guide your customers easily and interactively. This works for your sales network, tech support, and product definition, too. 

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