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Industrial Applications

Industrial Applications

Look what surrounds you, know and acquire experiences. Software able to read objects, to analyze what is happening now and yesterday.

Projects for the industrial sector

Projects for the industrial sector

We develop devices and apps perfect for the world of work and the industrial area, and able to ease operational management.

We create projects that foresee management's systems exploit optimized for Smartphone and Tablet, iOS and Android, to locate and manage interventions, to schedule activities related to machinery's maintenance and management.

Mobility, versatility & integration

Mobility, versatility & integration

The main features of our Apps are their high mobility, versatility and the opportunity to use integrated hardware tools (now standard in all devices) that allow you to take advantage of highly advanced features.

In addition to all the solutions related to Mobile, we develop sophisticated systems able to interface with any kind of device accessible with IP technology; we also know how to "talk" with such high-level protocol systems, known or created ad hoc.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

  • Integration with online applications
    Integration with online applications using wifi or mobile network connectivity, with the aid of VPN networks for data protection.
  • Barcodes and QR code
    Barcodes reading and QR codes to activate promotional codes.

  • Photos
    Shooting and saving photos.

  • Sensors
    Use of integrated sensors for falling / man-to-ground detection, movements and angles of rotation.

  • Geolocation
    Position monitoring with geolocation for security or control purposes.

  • Management of sensitive data
    Management and transmission of sensitive data via VPN, HTTPS, SSL.

  • Video
    Video shooting and storing, sending, via live-network.

  • Integration of external devices
    Bluetooth technology aid for integration with external measurement systems. Example: Holter pressors, distance measures, and so forth.
Video Surveillance & Attendance Detection

Video Surveillance & Attendance Detection

Data management, related to attendance detection

Thanks to our attendance monitoring solutions, able to detect transits of people or vehicles, you can have complete management and significative cost savings with immediate and easy access.

Our system also integrates with any video management (Milestone, Ominicast, and so forth), and the most famous video analysis software, to create a video surveillance application suitable for any need.

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