Industrial applications

Applications and software for the working world
  • Control the world surrounding you, acquire other memories and experience, eyes to see beyond, a software that can read the objects, allowing you to analyze what is happening right now and telling you what happened yesterday.
  • Is it on or off? Our software can tell you that.

  • Projects for the industrial field

    We facilitate the operative management thanks to devices and applications, created for the working world and the industrial field.
    We develop projects, which include the use of optimized management systems for smartphones and tablets (iOs e Android) to track and to manage interventions, to program machinery maintenance and management activities.

  • Characteristics

    The main characteristic of these applications is their great mobility, versatility and the possibility to use integrated hardware tools, very common by now in all devices, which make the use of highly evolved functions possible.

    Beyond the solutions linked to mobile, we develop complex systems, able to interface with any type of device, reachable with IP technology, communicating with high-level known protocols or those created ad hoc.

  • Some examples:

    • Integration with on-line applications
      Integration with on-line applications through WIFI connectivity or on mobile network, with the help of VPN networks for data protection
    • Geolocation
      Geolocation for position monitoring for security purposes
    • Barcodes and QR codes
      Reading of barcodes and QR codes for the activation of promotional codes
    • Management of sensitive data
      Management and transmission of sensitive data through VPN, HTTPS, SSL
    • Photographs
      Shooting and memorization of photographs
    • Video
      Shooting and memorization or video sending via live network
    • Sensors
      Use of integrated sensors for detection of falling/man down, repositionings and rotation angles
    • Integration of external devices
      Assistance of bluetooth technology for the integration with external measurement systems, such as Holter monitor or distance measurement device
  • Video-surveillance & presence detection

    The management of data linked to the presence is a growing need of many fields.
    Thanks to our solutions of presence monitoring, able to detect people/vehicles transit, you can have an easy, immediate and complete management, while saving on costs.
    The system integrates itself easily with any type of video management system, such as Milestone, Omnicast ecc.
    and with the most famous video analysis software, in order to implement a video surveillance applicative, capable of satisfying every need.

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