Consumer solutions

In close touch with your customer
  • We develop native mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android e Windows Phone.
    Through eye-catching and dynamic interfaces, the user will be able to access in any moment all of your information from his own smartphone or tablet, helping you to increase your visibility.
  • Native applications for iPhone, iPad, Android e Windows Phone.

  • In your customers' hands

    We bring your business directly in your customer's hands, helping you to reach millions of users thanks to information and entertainment apps, offering the consumers a very interactive and useful tool.

  • Sell your products with greater efficiency

    From classical ecommerce to innovative solutions, such as the proximity marketing, we project more interesting business proposal and corporate marketing solutions, which started to explore the world of mobile.
    Thanks to new technologies such as RFID, NFC, iBeacon, BLE, etc, it is possible to develop new marketing strategies based on users' position and on their stay in determinate shops and areas, bringing promotion management and corporative communication into the new era.

  • Make yourself more visible

    The business and the most advanced sales strategies are investing more resources in a device that is always by the customer; the mobile marketing is a new frontier that makes a customer a good client and accompanies the consumer in his every day life.
    We will help your company to always be in touch with your customers.

  • Tailored mobile applications

    We create highly customized mobile solutions, built around your business.

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