Interactive catalogs for all of your products
  • We help you bringing your products catalog on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone devices.
    Thanks to the countless interaction possibilities, the catalog becomes a genuine mobile application, which allows the company to express itself at its best.
  • Make your catalog available to everyone.

  • Many functionalities

    We develop the best solution for the user's usability, such as the possibility to save favorite items, to request a quote, to contact the company and to find out the nearest retail outlet.

  • Always updated

    The solutions which can be implemented are numerous: from catalog or browsable magazine to multimedia audio and video presentations.
    The information used for the app can be periodically updated by your own website or by other company tools, in a totally automatic way or with simple solutions, dedicate to marketing managers or company bloggers.

  • Discover Paginae, the customizable solution for the management of company's documents For all of the company's publications
    Create and share company's publications with a tool entirely managed by your company.
    Allow your sales network, your professional interlocutors and your customers to see catalogs, reports, customized price lists, informative newsletters through your company's app.
    Paginae makes it possible to develop documents with audio and video contents and to connect additional links to supporting documents, in addition to external connections, in order to provide your company's publications with the maximum flexibility.
    Manage autonomously your publications in an efficient, easy and quick way.

  • Create and manage multimedial catalogs

    Paginae allows the user to develop documents with audio and video content, associate additional links to support documents and create external connections to provide maximum flexibility for your business publications.
    Manage your publications independently in an efficient, fast and easy way.

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